Saturday, August 31, 2013

Share Every Moment - my first single

Day 2 of filming the music video

After six years of songwriting, it was time.  I had been offered opportunities to record before but never quite felt that my songs or I were ready. But this time I was.  I was about to start my senior year in college, and I had finally completed a song I wasn't afraid to share with the world.  

So last summer, a few close friends and I took on the project of recording my single, "Share Every Moment."  My older brother arranged the instrumentation for the piece, changing the lead instrument from piano to acoustic guitar and creating a sweet demo of what it would eventually sound like. Originally a sombre sounding tune, it had been converted to the dreamy and hopeful romantic song it is now.  It's new cheerful vibe matched the lyrics in no way I alone could have done it.  My brother and I started the recording, spending hours in our friend's home studio and finding other musicians to record the drums and bass for us. Finally after much hard work and dedication, we had our recording.  We decided to use it as a starter song and over spring break created our first music video to feature on my YouTube channel

Now that I've graduated from college and am back in town, we've started recording a demo CD of my completed songs.  My plan is to create more videos, pick up some gigs and continue growing in my skills as a singer, songwriter, and a musician.  But my dream is to write music that will inspire and touch the lives others.